About Growthengine

Growthengine.,Inc is for the purpose of global Internet company focused on e-commerce and other Web services for mobile devices and PCs.
main business is e-commerce consulting.

Growthengine support the resolution in accordance with the various issues.
Various problems will appear in the business start-up.
Important Consideration for e-commerce business start-up is advertising and publicity and MD, and diversified logistics, inventory management,shipping,customer support.
I do support in accordance with the various issues.
Our company mission is produce something to change the world by Internet and become a growthengine for all of the business in the world.

Global Headquarters


2-8-12-402 azabujuban Minato-ku Tokyo 106-0045 JAPAN

Presitdent & CEO Michiko Kanai

Established February 17,2014


Presitdent & CEO

Michiko Kanai / 金井路子

She obtained a master's associate degree of Japanese Language and Literature at the OTSUMA WOMAN'S University of in 1997.
Through a copywriter-editor, she joined in 1999 Index Corporation.
She worked start-up of all 36 mobile site to Service design, development, production and operation,and advertising.

She joined DeNA Co., Ltd in 2003.

It is start-up members of the core business of DeNA Co., Ltd.
Mobaoku http://mbok.jp (Mobile Auction for CtoC) in 2004
Mobakore http://mbkr.jp (Mobile Shopping service for girls fashion) in2006
skygate http://skygate.co.jp, arukikata.com(booking travel air ticket by internet)in2007

shopping mall business sales manager in 2009
http://www.dena-ec.com/(BtoC.Mobile Shopping service joined 5000 companies)

Mobaoku marketing director in 2011

Since,she is working web services planning and development,management and experience marketing communications and design for mobile device service and E-commerce

"BAR MICHIKO" is comunication event, it has been held 20 times in Shibuya Tokyo from March 2012.
550 or more people have participated in all 20 times held.
Our mission is to connect people devoted to producing high quality Japanese food with world consumers.


she also started to marketing research business for distributing Japanese goods to ASEAN significant booming, JETRO organized by "Japan Festival 2014 in Yangon, Myanmar," We had an exhibition of all 12 types of merchandise local production bidder in February 2014.